Charity of the Year 2019

As part of our annual fundraising 2019 Charity dinner, SEV are committed to raising funds to support British Heart Foundation's vital research into major organ regeneration after trauma, such as heart attacks.

SEV Trustees are proud to support The British Heart Foundation this year in memory of our beloved Chairman, Nick Bealer.

SEV hope to raise a variety of funds at their 2019 Charity Dinner to support BHF as well as continuing to support smaller charities, who may not receive nationwide presence or support that some larger charities will have available to them.

SEV are working with the British Heart Foundation fundraising team at our annual Charity Dinner in June 2019 to raise monies to support one of the following items, which will be part of our overall fund raiser for the evening.

  • £12,000 could fund 2.5 month’s research to grow new blood vessels – a vital part of any future therapy to repair damaged hearts.
  • £12,000 could fund 4 research centres to help buy one year’s supply of tiny molecules that light up under a microscope – our scientists use these so that they can see what’s going on inside our heart and blood vessel cells.
  • £12,500 could support a basic science PhD student for six months. BHF currently funds around 250 basic science PhD students

Please join us at the SEV annual fundraising Dinner on Thursday 27th June 2019 at the Grange Hotel, St Paul’s. Show your support for the many worthwhile charities we work with and click here for details.