• The SE Vets Memorial Day was held on 18th November at St Margaret’s Church Lothbury.
    A large gathering assembled to pay a very moving tribute to those who have passed.

    Details of the service and those who were remembered are available here.

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  • Our Visions

    The Stock Exchange Veterans are a group of like minded volunteers, predominantly who have a history of working in finance in the heart of the City of London. We pride ourselves on reaching out to smaller charities that may not have the same support and exposure that others larger entities have.

  • Our Values

    The thriving community of fund raising events held by the Stock Exchange Veterans strive to make progressive changes for the benefit of others, no matter what the size of the registered charity.

  • Our Statement

    To promote fraternity and general good fellowship among its members. To assist, in every manner possible, persons in distress, either directly or through other institutions.

1958 to 2021. Over 60 years helping people in need.